About Blue Capital

Blue Capital SA is a Swiss-based Asset management company, based in Lugano. It is endowed of a sound technological and financial know-how intended for the development and delivery of tailor-made Investment solutions for sophisticated players.
BC offers qualified investors a range of unique investment strategies.

Blue Capital is a financial service provider; an asset manager manages the assets of his or her clients. The task includes not only providing advice but also making investment decisions based on the client’s investment strategy, risk tolerance, and financial situation. BC is aimed at wealthy private and institutional investors who invest their assets in liquid asset classes equities and funds.

BC provides access to a range of carefully selected quality strategies delivering consistent risk-adjusted returns.

Since its foundation in 2007, Blue Capital SA has been involved in different research projects covering a broad range of disciplines aimed at the analysis and prediction of financial data, development of systematic portfolio management methodologies applied to multi-asset allocation and tactical overlays.
We research and strategize using practical observatory procedures in this asset class to be able to move forward with the investment options that instigate a constant uphill in returns.

Our strong commitment towards our partner’s success enables us to take up the challenges of this dynamic market. We remain consistent players in this defiant market because we continually employ sophisticated technological advancements in gathering verified performance data together with our team’s initiative on strategies that make us one of the market’s valiant competitors.

We are focused on putting everything in place to ensure sure-fire success.

Targeting and fulfilling opportunities beyond the traditional asset classes

Our Trading Philosophy

  • Blue capital applies a rules-based approach to identify and exploit trends in a diverse portfolio of markets across all sectors.
  • We specialize in alternative hedge funds strategies. Our programs are systematic, quantitative, diversified, and algorithmic in their approach and can be classified as medium to long-term trend following strategies.
  • Our research process is highly disciplined, with a continual focus on generating non-correlated revenue streams. Our thorough research enables us to swiftly target opportunities presented by this changing market & leverage in then using our refined methodologies and strategies that support our aim for success guarantee.
  • We put a premium on the consistency of growth; we favor investment options that can fulfill our aim for long-term returns.
  • Risk Management is an essential aspect of our business model. We put effective risk mitigation techniques in place to provide the most security. You can count on our competency to handle any situation, be it expected or not.
  • We pride ourselves in providing unmatched professional investment advice and guidance at the request of our clients.
  • We put continuous efforts into adopting disciplined research-driven strategies that propose the best results.