Capabilities of our strategies

Our strategies present investors with prime sources of returns, trusted risk mitigation practices, and diversification of investor portfolios.

We are dedicated and employ disciplined methodologies that ensure our ability to harness the opportunities offered by this asset class.

What we offer:

Our strategy specialists have over 20 years of combined experience in the alternative investment asset class. They can bridge together their skill sets with investment opportunities to bring about the successful execution of these strategies that capture investor goals.

Today, we provide diversified strategies across the alternative investment spectrum. We build and manage growth-based alternative investment portfolios by projecting strategies that are tested and proven to guarantee the desired outcome.

Quantitative asset management

Quantitative Investing is based on statistical and mathematical models of various historical and current market data and information. Decision is always based on empirical evidence instead of subjective considerations. The approach is always systematic. Portfolio is always built on expectations of long-term returns, taking accounts of market volatility and profiles of the investors.

Since the operation is performed entirely by computers, quantitative investing removes emotion in the process. Despite not being a silver bullet, quantitative investing has better chances to outperform the market.

Quantitative Asset Management strategies is suitable for structured products, managed accounts and funds.

Blue Capital privileges Actively Managed Certificates (AMC) as primary vehicles for the strategies for these following reasons:

  • Flexible and cost-efficient
  • Fewer constraints
  • They serve as a strong foundation to build more complex strategies

Blue Capital sets up own vehicles to issue AMC

Advisory Solutions

Advisory Solutions is for clients who wish to retain ownership of fund positions. Blue Capital analyzes clients requirements & profiles, such as risk exposure, return targets, strategy constraints, liquidity preferences and integration with existing investments. Blue Capital uses the information to carefully craft investment recommendations, advice and account administration oversight.

Advisory Solutions is most commonly applied to Global Asset Allocation model portfolios through different risk range and purposes

Customized Solutions

Customized solutions are for client’s who need tailored products that focus on selected outcomes. The customized solutions process involves our strategy team working with the clients to define the specifics of their request and to draft out a plan to execute it, putting together appropriate portfolios successfully.

This offers optimum customization and risk-mitigation techniques from global resources, continued supervisions and manager evaluations

The process is deemed collaborative, more like a partnership process that involves both us and the clients combining efforts and deciding on specific strategies to be executed.

We have a brilliant portfolio construction team to craft out innovative solutions and to maximize the results of the employed methods.

Real Estate

At Blue Capital, we offer tailor-made real estate investment solutions for sophisticated investors.
We have created a reliable product range that has proven to secure sustained growth with less drawdowns.
Our real estate investment options have been strategically designed to help our clients attain strong risk-adjusted returns in both local and global markets.